TV Installations & Wall Mounting

Need your TV mounted and professionally installed? Sick of all that messy wiring? Find how affordable it is to have your TV installed by a fully qualified profession for as little as $250.

Home Theatre Installation & Setup

Want a dedicated cinema room with 7.2 surround sound and state of the art 1080p High Definition 3D Projector? Or are you after just setting up a family room with surround sound for the kids to watch their movies? Find out how easy it is, prices starting from as little as $249... 

Multi-Room Audio

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to listen to any song you want in any room of your house? Our multi-room audio systems have the flexibility to have different songs playing in every room. Renting? No problem- We have wireless options available. Find out how affordable it is to transform your home...

New Home Wiring

Prevent your largest investment from being outdated before it is even finished. Find out how to future-proof your new home now with our new home wiring service that uses the latest technology and techniques...


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