Welcome to Audience Engineering.

Audience Engineering specialise in providing the best possible experience for you when it comes to watching your favourite movies.

We do all types of home theatre rooms — from basic LCD, LED and Plasma TVs with 7.2 surround sound in your lounge room, to dedicated home theatre rooms with projectors and screens.

Most Home theatre rooms consist of a projector, a viewing screen, and a surround sound system.

Audience Engineering can design and plan custom home theatre systems to suit your needs. Call us now for free consulting and planning for your new home theatre system


  How we can help:

  setup and install home theatre systems
  advise you on the best equipment for your home
  calibrate projectors
  design, plan and install a home theatre system that suits your home and your         budget.

  Call us now on 0425 781 523 (Melbourne only)
  or send us an enquiry at paulgeorg@dodo.com.au


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